Wait a minute, who's paying for these forums?

These forums cost at least $100/month just to run, and if Dom has postponed V2 indefinitely, why does he still keep the forums around? This leads me to believe that V2 is not totally dead. Why would you pay $100/month when it is no longer doing what it is intended to do (coming up with ways to improve V2)? Idk man just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean I’m glad he’s keeping the forums around, but why?


That’s a really good question. I didn’t even know these forums ran on a monthly fee, provided that information is true. I think because a lot of relationships have been formed here it would be kinda bad if the forums just shut down. That’s a very interesting topic though :stuck_out_tongue:


I think ideas and other stuff can still pool in every now and then :smile:


I’d say for archive purposes; If the code for v2 still exists. v2.co could be revisted, and used more as an index for ideas.

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Dom still has money and in my opinion, he is getting way more value out of this forum than he expected. He has a community of loyal individuals who love and support him and each other. I believe that our efforts to keep this community positive draw more people in allowing this forum to stay active.


Something else to think abt is that people are still being leveled up to experts… so if that’s still happening why would it be completely over.


$100 a month? :exploding_head: girl i can’t afford that! :joy:


Nah man, that’s the price of hosting, for one payment of 99$ you can download the software and install it in your own server, cheaper.

Ahhhhh ok thanks for clearing that up. That makes sense now.