Vote in my twitter poll!

I’m planning to start an active YouTube channel with an uploading schedule and everything and I’m going to start with gaming content and then once I get a bigger following, I will do more than just gaming. But for now, I want to know what people want me to play first so please vote in this twitter poll I made!

Also please pick anything other than Minecraft I only put it in there as a filler.


Also if you’d like to subscribe to me here is the link to my channel

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Voted dude :slight_smile:

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You the bomb

Voted, hope it helped!

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U are a blessing

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voted :smiley:

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Thank youuu!

do anything but fortnite

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ya definitely. also, I put Minecraft in that poll just as a filler and itS WINNING WTF

“The Greatest Show” Chicago Bears 19-20 Hype Video was really nice. Felt like I was watching a big time commercial. How long have you been editing videos?