Vote For Kane West?

If I was old enough to vote I sure as heck would not vote for ye. He is so darn delusional and unrealistic it makes no sense​:man_shrugging:t5:. This dude said Harriet Tubman didn’t free the salves but had them work for other white people. Chile this man has lost his marbles​:grimacing:. He need to forget this whole president thing cuz it ain’t happening chief.:roll_eyes:


I vote for Kanye to seek treatment for bipolar disorder


I would never vote for that guy, the dude is crazy!

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I’m not a US citizen but in general I wouldn’t vote for someone who hasn’t spent at least some years in politics. This is becoming a huge problem here in Italy, where more and more politicians are coming from nowhere related to politics and don’t know what to do, how to move, haven’t clear ideas, have no competence and all… the results are pretty bad, the crisis is deeper and deeper every day and the country is not going to last long this way


yall its obvious that its just for trump to win, kanye will drop out right before

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I think he is very sick and desperately needs help. My heart breaks for him despite he problematic nature. He is just very easily manipulated. He was preyed upon by those that were trying to push their narrative on black America and I don’t think he is well enough to make any choices right now.

I hope the people around him really start supporting him in meaningful ways away from the spotlight. He needs to take a mental health break for a couple years.


Yeah I wouldn’t vote for him. But I don’t want to spread hate. It’s hard to put your self out there in front of so many people.

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I just hope he’s ok.


yeezy for president said no one ever lol

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I wouldn’t vote for him. We don’t need someone using their fame as a celebrity just to become president. He may have good intentions, but it is just so hard to trust that he would do well at this point.


The only time it worked was with Reagan but he didn’t go from acting to being President like 45 did, Reagan was the Governor of California before his Presidency and people loved him and his politics. Reagan acted like a President should act, 45 on the other hand doesn’t take any responsibility, is selfish and acts like a child. How does 45 even dare to compare himself with Reagan and Abe and call himself better?!

No more celebrities in the Oval Office please!

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I really hope nobody is serious enough to vote Kanye, but on the other side America is very… delusional✨

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