Vote: Best Channel On Byte

What Channel do you think is the best on Byte

  • Comedy
  • Pets
  • Cute
  • Magic & FX
  • Art
  • Experimental
  • Weird
  • Voices
  • Animation
  • Anime
  • Memes
  • Gaming
  • Fitness
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Dance
  • Food
  • Style
  • Beauty
  • Cosplay

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I’ll say all but some are dead-end channels. I usually avoid category / theme :stuck_out_tongue:

I have yet to see a cosplay byte. They must be rare.

i love the art channel

I’m definitely leaning towards not using categories tbh. Too much of my stuff fits in different categories and I feel like if I pick one over the other, I’ll definitely get less exposure.

As an example, I had a post trending in animation most of the day today and got ~25 :heart:

I had a post trend in chill and got over 100 :heart: in the same time.

If a post trends in comedy it gets 100-200 :heart: pretty easily.

An art or gaming post gets maybe 10 :heart: and trends.

Honestly I :man_shrugging:. I would love to be able to post something and pick say up to 3 categories for it to go into? Maybe if you hit a certain :star: level it opens up the option to do so? @dom

Not complaining- I’m getting better and far more valuable interaction on byte after a few months than I am on insta with 3 times the followers and 3 + years of posting.

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love the musicans on here, there’s some real talent on here