Volunteer as tribute

Making a hunger games game.
Comment ‘i volunteer as trubute’ and a prefeered disctrict to join:

Current people:
District 1: @samderricott @FatJesusMan
District 2: @hubbardemily
District 3: Vic and Afro
District 4: @Norloth @ShawdGawd
District 5: @TheKingHusker and Chad
District 6: Cynthia and Duck <3
District 7: Alex and Adri
District 8: @bonjee and Fvids
District 9: Marko and Gabe
District 10: Justin and Annam
District 11: @B.C.MacNation
District 12: @arf @Oren


I volunteer as tribute District 4

I volunteer as tribute

If you want

Okay, I’m gonna edit my 1st post

I volunteer as tribute. Put me in the cool guy sector. :sunglasses:

I volunteer as tribute - District 5 :bow_and_arrow:

I volunteer as trubUte (since thats what you said) :stuck_out_tongue: :P:P GIMME 8

i volunteer as tribute ! district 2 pls !!!

I volunteer as tribute and 12 bc 21 is backwards


I’m with this guy district 12


I volunteer as tribute, district 11 bc no matter how you rearrange the numbers it stays the same


District 13 :pray::pray::pray:

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District 13 was destroyed

District 7

I volunteer as tribute district 3

I volunteer as tribute for District 12 :fist:t4:

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District 12 is full

Awh man that’s right… two people each :sweat_smile: Ok I volunteer as tribute for lucky number District 7 :fist:t4:

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Good choice

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