Volume Equalization

Some bytes are extremely quiet or loud without it being an intentional artistic choice. Naturally, bytes that are intending to play with volume as part of their creative process should be able to do so freely. Still, I think it might be a good idea to have a default setting in the app that tries to equalize volume, or at least have a preset that works to make speech intelligible if it comes in overly quiet (again, if that is not on purpose). At the very least, I think a user-set option to keep loudness peaks at -14 LUFS would not restrain anyone’s imagination while making the app more friendly and accessible to people who are sensitive to loud noises. :nerd_face:


I would love this, not sure if its possible but I find myself editing videos over and over to get the volume right


This is something that others have raised, including me, here’s another thread about moderating the volume:

Not sure how this could work, but, I know the iPhone has “Volume Limit” but this just limits how high you can set the volume on the phone, it doesn’t prevent very loud sound from destroying your eardrums.

This has definitely been a problem for me when wearing ear buds while watching bytes. Some are quieter so you turn the volume up to hear them, but if you forget to turn it back down and the next byte is one of those edits where they blast the volume up to 11, RIP your eardrums. I don’t really understand why creators do that, the audio just sounds thrased and terrible at high volumes.


Volume equalization is a feature of third party mobile video apps like Premiere Rush, so I know it’s technically possible on a mobile platform. I think such a feature would help creators, but I also feel like there should be a user-controlled option in the client to equalize volume. People ought to be able to make weird ASMR loops or have earbud-busting squeals in their videos if they want, but viewers ought to be able to have a consistent volume level if they prefer that.


Same! Unfortunately the volume and sound changes quite a bit due to it being converted from stereo to mono. Music can often sound pretty bad after that conversion. The conversion also seems to raise the volume a little, which you have to account for in the original clip uploaded.

I’m really hoping Dom will consider leaving the audio at stereo if that’s how it’s uploaded, because the sound quality is WAY better, and I don’t think the storage requirements for better audio so much higher than it would be for higher-quality video, for example.


I fully endorse this after having my eardrums blasted too many times on Byte already.


YES can we honestly leave the 300% volume thing on edits/clips in 2019? Super annoying


@dom would it be possible with stereo sound in the future?

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Yesss I was actually thinking about this yesterday when I was on a phone call and I was trying to watch bytes at the same time. I wasn’t able to watch it cuz it was really quiet and I usually have to leave the call if I wanna watch the vid. It’s not really a big problem but I would like to see something like this implemented in the future!


this is a good suggestion. it’s something we’ll need to spend a lot of time investigating before we can come up with the right way to handle it fully. applying some normalization from within the app during creation/import time would probably go a long way though

unfortunately this would only apply to new bytes going forward but we’re still so early it’s probably worth it


Thank you very much for considering this feature. :grinning:

ouch :flushed:

:running_man:‍♂ :running_man:‍♂

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No like it still can be funny but not when it’s like ear-killing loud. louder volume when it is reasonable is ok with me, still love your memes though shonzi lmao

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Shonzi, you’re a lot more careful about volume levels in your edits, which is why you’re one of the few edit accounts I follow (also because you’re awesome). Others should take your lead. :slight_smile:


awww tysm tom! :grin: too kind


i agreeee
and thank uuu sm!


When I show the app to people who’ve never seen it before, one of the first things they get frustrated by is the drastic shifts in volume from video to video. I definitely think normalization would have a significant positive impact on the practicality of byte.

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Yes! I would really appreciate this – my ears often start hurting after watching bytes for a while because of the ones that are suddenly way louder than others

I’m not convinced that’s an official site. It sure looks like one but I’d assume everything would be on byte.co @dom are you aware of this?

It definitely isn’t. For some reason it has its own post links vs byte.co/b.

Byte is really weird with uploading videos, I’ve had to take the audio down 2db because byte will increase it by one, unless that’s been fixed