Voice Actors

This is gonna sound weird, but when I create and work on a voice, I “method act” the voice I’m working on. So if the voice I’ve created is high pitched, weasel-ly, I find myself hunching my shoulders, crouching a little bit, and trying to inhabit the body of a smaller person. I can’t just do the voice.

I’ve watched several voice actors over the years who just walk up to the mic and BOOM character comes out without issue. Wondering if it’s a time and practice thing (I practice voices all the time, everywhere, seriously) or if there’s anyone else out there like me.

Kane out.


I wanted to be a voice actor before because i have a range for it. Now, not really, if I did voice a character though it would be the villain in my show that im writing.


Nothing wrong with what you do, you jist get more into character as other voice actors. I mean voice acting has changed so much now that not all voice actors us different voice cough kristen schall,h. Jon Benjamin cough. But just keep doing you if its what you love. :sunglasses:


kinda like alex hirsch with bill cipher :eyes:


It’s not weird man, a lot of people have to do certain things to get something just right! I’d give you an example but I forgot what it is…


It depends on the person. I’d say for me I just do it. My sylvster stalone impression is pretty spot on

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Nothing wrong at all with your method if it produces the right results. Eventually you won’t need to act with your body to get the voices you want, but, acting is a different process for each person.