Vlog's On V2 ! yes its possible

Ya that sounds I will take note about it

:joy:You Just red my mind out loud…


Just record a regular 10-minute vlog and speed it up to fit the 6.5 second timeframe!

This wouldn’t be the best medium for traditional vlogs, however just having mirco-explanations of singular events might work!


Definitely see your point, but personally, I think V2 should be more simplistic than that. If you want to make vlogs, you could just make them on a separate YT channel and then leave a link in your bio. That way you’ll actually be getting followers on other accounts as well, so generally you can communicate with your followers better.
Sure they’ll take it into consideration though.

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How to micro Explain can you please elaborate??!!!

Ya And I have to make my life better for that…

No problem :slight_smile:

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They just mean do a short explanation very quickly, a couple words at most maybe!

I think it’s a cool idea, but I think you should do some stuff on YouTube whole we wait for v2 to be released. I know it’s a super tough market on there, but the practice will really help you with V2! Even if you don’t get anywhere with YouTube you can still learn a lot about what will make your 've videos good!

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Yes, Thanks you so much that was a valuable suggestion

Try the “speed vlog” style. Upload multiple (not too many) clips of the best and important moments from your vlog, and then group them all together with a playlist. You can upload all at once or at different times throughout the day.

Another thing to do is to upload the best clip from your vlog on V2, and then link to the entire vlog on YouTube


That’s a Great idea so that I can Unite more Viewers from various social account

Wow I never thought of something like that. I hope someone decides to try this out :exclamation:

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I am The One who’s gonna try

Omg yayyy I can’t wait to see what u make

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i just don’t see how that will work out i mean if you want to do vlogs vine doesn’t seem like a good place to do that

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Haahaaa thanks man

Let’s Give it a go

Of course :grin:

Yes… it might be

Do what you wanna do ! Keep in mind a few years back anybody who posted videos on YouTube was seen was a weirdo, and vlogs only appeared recently, before that they were also criticized a lot! So if you think that’s what you should do then do it ! It’s always the ideas that appear weird at first that end up with the most success, cause nobody else will do them !

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