Vive! The new way to go live and watch videos with your favorite artist(viners)

There should be a button that enables a feature where artist can watch vines with their friends and fans that way people who are trying to get known can be on their live or should we call it “vive”?:thinking: anyway this is great publicity and a great way to “monetize” your artist.

Scenario: you have opened V2 the app and it’s striving, a company has noticed a artist that has a lot of views and decides to promote to that artist. That company either can start a vine account and upload videos that way the artist can “vive” it and promote that company or… the artist can make a skit and watch their skit with their fans.

This is a way of opening the world to v2 and expanding the community like we had on vine.

Food for thought ®️


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Sounds like an interesting idea, wondering what the others think of it

One issue.


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Oh you’re right.
There are other threads about live videos, search and feel free to read replies etc.

Vive is not trademark therefore, we can use it