Virtual Meetup?

Hey howdy hey ByteFam!

Are you lacking in social interaction in this corona world? Do you want to hang out with some of your fellow Byters and get to know them better?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you need to come to the Rec Room Byte Meetup! [catchy title pending]

You do not need a VR headset to participate–the game is also available on flatscreen for Windows PC, Playstation, and iOS

Lemme know if you’d be interested ↓↓↓

VR Chat Meetup?
  • Ye
  • Nah
  • idk

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Also let me know what general days/times would work for you! I’ll build a survey once I have a better idea.

Super excited to meet some Byters in VR!

p.s. does anyone know how to organize events in vr pls help lol


EDIT: event in Rec Room instead of VR Chat–more people will be able to join.



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Yes yes! I think this would be cool!

I know you can setup events in quest but I think you can only invite friends on quest. I think a Facebook online event should be fine.

How does this work? Can I use a Mac?

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You can find vrchat through steam but I can’t see any info regarding Mac.

unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s only available on Quest and Windows PC

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Aw man. I would want to come if it worked on my mac


How would that work? I’m not linking my Oculus and Facebook, so I don’t know much about all the integration they’re doing.


We can just have a regular Facebook online event just to serve as a reminder when it’ll happen and for people to see it in their timezone.


oh, yeah yeah that would be great.
I thought I’d wait on planning a time until some more people showed interest though.


@Alphawings What if we did it in Rec Room instead? I don’t know as much about the worlds available in Rec Room, but I did just find out that crossplay is available including with PSVR and iOS! So that would make it accessible to a ton more people.


Oh interesting, that would be ideal then if it has crossplay. Haven’t used it but checking it out now.


Just bumping this up.


This sounds fun, we should make a specific day and time. I think the weekends would work for a decent amount of people but idk about the time bc of peoples different time zones :thinking:


Update for anyone who was interested: @Alphawings and I are going to do some tests this weekend to see how it’d work to run this on Rec Room, which would likely make it possible for a lot more people to join!

More details to come.

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There’s also AltspaceVR ( that we can check out too, seems to be suited for events like meetups and you can have a dedicated event page where people can RSVP. From what I gather, it also supports attended via a browser.

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UPDATE: it looks like we’re gonna do this in Rec Room instead.

Rec Room is available for Oculus, PCVR, Playstation, Windows flat screen, and iOS!

So basically if you have a digital device you can probably participate!

Rec Room also has some cool games you can play, like paintball capture the flag.