Vintage/retro channel

With the addition of all the channels for the zoomers maybe we could get a little ballence back with a retro or vintage channel ey? /oldschool??


TECHNICALLY… this is what /foundfootage is supposed to be

Vintage and retro are subjective terms. I’d like to have one heading for nostalgia, with several subchannels by era. It could be something like:


Could also include channels for the associated modern retrofuturism trends:

Raygun Gothic

At one time it was, now it’s a mess.

that’s the state of all the channels currently

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I haven’t read the rules but assumed that was for found footage lol

I’d like to see more specific channels around the idea but feel it’s unlikely. I was just thinking a home for anything pre millennium would be good.

I think the channel needs to be renamed. It’s “found footage” in the sense that oh hey i found these old tapes from whatever decade, let’s upload them

I suggested that at the start of byte. Crickets. But there’s a whole channel devoted to frogs?

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The found footage channel is fine. It’s a different thing. It’s clear what found footage is. Not what I’m thinking when I say vintage or retro. Oldschool would be a better channel name for what I’m thinking. Nostalgia was mentioned, also more on my thinking.

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and rats! For some reason!

I really wonder if they are the result of people using the Request a Channel feature

Hm I can’t visualize the distinction. I’d have to see it to know what you mean

Found footage is using other peoples video. I’m talking about periods of time, old things that are cool, member berries, antiques. Shit like that.

Footage OF old stuff? Or video done in olde timey style?

There might be room in /aesthetic or /cinematic for something like that (for now)