Vine Recreation: Yay or Nay?

Okay so I know byte is vine 2.0 and this doesn’t mean that people have to be focused on recreating vine exactly (that’d be boring let’s be honest) but I wanted to ask if people are for or against the occasional vine recreation? Cause I have one i want to post but I’m not sure if people are super gung-ho about vine recreations? Just wanted some general thoughts from other users?



Personally I like original content. Flat out remaking or calling back a vine doesn’t make me want to like or follow someone at all. But if someone makes an original take on an old vine, that’s when it starts getting different. I’d say most cases where someone manages to add something to the vine to make it their own in a way, that’s great. Some people do rely on vine callbacks/nostalgia to make content, and I know there’s plenty of people who are into that, but it’s definitely not for me.


I like original content, too much recycled videos


I don’t mind references. A lot of meme culture is mixing new ideas into old formats and as long as a byte transforms the old idea in some way it’s cool with me.

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nay in my eyes , just seems like you couldn’t think of anything better than stealing old content , just my thoughts

I mostly use old vines in my edits and try to recreate a new comedic effect🤣