Vine dropdown bar and feed more like twitter / vine style

On the vine app, at the top of the screen, you would find a camera button on the right to begin recording along with a button opening a dropdown bar with the buttons to open the activity and explore page and your profile. I think the byte team should do this as well as having the buttons at the bottom of your screen ruins the overall look of the app. It would also be cool if the byte team re-designed the feed to how vine used to display videos on a square section and displaying the caption underneath the video. You would scroll down as you do on Twitter or Instagram for example. The byte team should also have an editor picks section as vine did like all of this would overall make the app less TikTok 2.0 and more vine 2.0 :smile:

It’s but supposed to be either at this point.
Spotlight is an editors pick section

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yes but they should be displayed on peoples feeds marked as editors pick like vine did

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They just added text at the bottom left next to the channel name when a video is in the spotlight like sometimes it says “spotlight:/channel” on people’s mix