Vids won't play

It’s been happening since the app came out and it’s still not fixed. Has anyone else got the issue where you go on byte and the vid doesn’t even okay for a like 2 minutes and then your like f this and don’t even go on the app at all.

I mentioned this before but I can’t watch a byte and and even when I do if I scroll to the next one it won’t play either for a bit


Have you tried putting it in rice


Have you tried resetting your modem or a phone clean up? Sometimes deleting your cached files up will help too…


Don’t forget to ask if he turned it off then on again. If that doesn’t fix it then idek! lol


I’ll try the cache thing but this happened even when I downloaded the app

That didn’t work

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I am getting a few server error when I like now. Could be something to do with yesterdays CDN problem maybe?.. @dom