Videos not uploading when using byte camera

Hello! I am on a Pixel 4 and just updated to Android 11…if that’s important info to have. I have been unable to post videos using the byte camera at least all day today but could have been longer (I wasn’t on this weekend to know for sure)
I can record but then when I post it it says “slight delay. Retrying soon” and will not upload.
Now if I take that video that had saved to my camera roll and try to post that it will post with no issues, it’s only when using the byte camera that it’s giving me that message and not uploading.
Is anyone else having this issue?


Been an issue since early on. If you compare the byte that didn’t post to the one that did you’ll likely see a huge difference in file size, the one that didn’t post is maybe about 4 times larger. I could be way off mark but I believe the issue lies in a bug with the publishing process where the file isnt being properly compressed and is just too large.

We’ll likely never know because android bug reports rarely seem to get a response.


Exact same issue. Haven’t been able to post since Sunday night… Not Happy at all!


Hahaha I literally just realised I have this same issue. Didn’t notice before because I usually record externally.

(Oneplus 7t Android 10)

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Haha :joy: perfect since you’re the reason I felt comfy enough to post here :sweat_smile: I have been emailing with the team and they are aware of this thread so hopefully it gets fixed with the next update, I almost exclusively use the in-app camera so I have been struggling lol


Yeah I only use the byte camera. It’s like 50/50 for me atm, longer bytes nearly always fail. I feel like it’s nearly always been this way though :joy:

Hey gang, sorry about this! We’re on the case, and expect to have a fix pushed out to the beta track by end of day (and into production as soon as Google will let us after that!)

Thanks everyone for the reports :slight_smile: