Video skips and other new bugs

Think this may be triggered by entering comment section and returning to video.

A byte will skip back to the beginning after a few seconds and keep doing this, it seems to affect every byte when scrolling.

Possibly related, sometimes when scrolling and then stopping to watch a byte it plays a couple seconds then scrolls back up by itself. Which may also be related to bug where by jiggling up and down a bit on the most recent post on my own profile (doesn’t happen on other profiles) I can make the screen shake up and down endlessly.

Can’t reliably recreate the skip and auto scroll but the wiggle can be.


Yep, same with me about this part. I have to hold the screen as though I’m about to swipe but keep it in the same place to watch the full byte (and sometimes when I do this workaround, it ends up playing the audio from the one above it).

[Android 10 - Oneplus 7T]

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Oh yeah that too, I normally just give up and go on Instagram :joy: