Video Quality Worse When Uploaded To Byte


I’m not sure if it’s just on my end or not but since yesterday my videos that i’ve uploaded to the app seem a lot worse in quality than they had prior to yesterday.

On my camera roll they are 1080 and when I normally upload they seem to maybe drop to 720, but yesterday it dropped to at least 480.

Nothing is different on my part, still using the same internet and phone (iOS)

Also i’ve tried uploading to different Apps for science and the quality looked fine. Only on Byte was I having issues.


Ye, I agree. I’ve noticed when you pointed this out recently but without my glasses, I don’t notice!


This has happened to me a few times and I’m not sure how to fix it. It seems to not happen if I use my girlfriend’s iPhone to record though. I’m about to buy one just for that reason.


Yeah a few people have told me its been happening to them as well recently :man_shrugging:
@_Orange @Pac


MAJOR BUG!!! Needs to be fixed asap


Do you have any Byte share links for some of the ones you’ve posted so they can be checked?

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we need a share link and a link to the original (on would be fine) in order to test this


This has happened to me once before. I also have an android. My girlfriend has an I phone it is working fine.

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Even with iPhone, once it’s uploaded, the quality goes down :confused:



Uploaded on Byte

Its harder to tell on desktop, but on my phone on full screen there is a big difference


What @dom said :joy:

i can’t really tell the difference on iOS besides normal encoding artifacts. the original is 4K (not 1080p) and we encode to 720p so of course there’s a bit of a drop. we do need to keep the files at around 2MB. android will serve up lower quality videos based on bandwidth, etc so if you’re looking on android that might be what’s happening there

more importantly i don’t think i see this as being majorly different than its been since launch. you mentioned it’s been bad since yesterday but this seems the same as its been. what tool was the original made in?


Ah, your original is 4K and Byte goes to 720 so it’s quite the downscale, it’s likely lost during compression.

Just as a rough guide here’s the difference in size between what you’ve uploaded and how Byte compresses your raw media.

They’ll be able to investigate more but I’m honestly not noticing a massive difference in quality between the two.

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Original is 19.7mb vs Byte’s 2.01mb so it’s quite a difference for a not too bad/ not really noticeable quality drop. The issue doesn’t seem to be with Byte’s server or compression techniques and more with the device bandwidth, available space, connection speed or carrier.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say “Android will serve up lower-quality videos based on bandwidth etc.” To better understand why viewing it on an Android device serves lower quality video @dom

This is the same for IOS & desktop, if less resources are available the quality won’t be as good.