Video Killed the radio star

The title is more or less it, just wanted to say something and no one in my irl really knows about the state of byte. Lately I relistened to “video killed the radio star” and it kinda made me think, Sounds killed the byte star. Not everyone, and a lot of old creators are still here making content when they can, but there’s this sense that “we can’t rewind, we’ve gone to far”. In a way, it’s good. We look back from today and it’s hard to imagine media without video.
I know a lot of creators didn’t leave due to sound, it’s always a collection of factors, both on the app and in their personal lives useally, but it’s crazy to see how different things feel, and I’ve only been on here for 7+ months, I can’t imagine what original beta testers must feel.
Nothing feels worse then remembering an old creators handle, only to look them up and find no new videos since April, or May, or June.
Bytes still a fun place for me, even if I can only post maybe 3 times a week due to school, I still watch a lot of content.
Idk, feel free to leave songs as your current moods or talk about anything I touched on, or let this thread fade. -:green_heart:


No one funny on the app lol

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i guess that includes you


this’ what i need to be listening to, right?

Lol this song is hilarious because it’s all about how someone with an amazing voice can be sabotaged by being on tv and it turns out they’re ugly.


Yeah I agree with you completely. I’ve talked to someone recently who hasn’t posted in a while and they said they “mourned” for byte because in their mind it’s completely evolved in to a different app completely.

I’ve even taken a step down on content creation… idk what it is and can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve slowly been losing interest. Not sure how much longer I’ll continue either :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve been here, and posting regularly since the beginning. I’ve seen byte go through multiple phases, and I’ve seen a lot of folks come and go and come back again and then leave.) I can tell you when and why people left. And what the app has failed to do.

But it would upset a lot of folks and honestly, I don’t feel like upsetting anyone.

Clash has gone about it all wrong, catering to influencer wannabes, it reeks of elitism and curates their FYP heavily so that only their cadre of creators blow up (plus it’s super buggy af) Tiktok is a social media slot machine, with guaranteed views, likes, etc. giving everyone just enough shots of dopamine to keep people coming back…but it’s an repugnant, corporate machine. Byte isn’t perfect, but compared to those other apps it’s almost a utopia…which is why I’m pulling for it.

I miss a lot of those folks, I’d have liked them to stay…or come back. But they have an agenda and I wish them well.


I’m going to disagree on this one Jeremy. I think there’s validity to your point but in the end I don’t think sounds killed byte.

I casually watch tiktok and a lot can be done with sounds. I think sounds lose their charm really quick though when it isn’t used to expand or make a joke, but to just completely rip off something someone else has done. Cody ko had a podcast highlight that hit uncomfortably close to home on this one about people picking up sounds and stealing jokes being the new normal. The handful of bytes I’ve made with sounds I’ve been proud of actually though.

I think @onkelchrispy made some really good points on the other video apps. Tiktok is too big and clash is just… garbage. That’s as politely as I can put it. Byte has a certain charm to it that doesn’t exist on those platforms.

You hate to see it when people say byte isn’t funny, but that truly is where bytes downfall is (for right now). There isn’t no good content on byte, but the scarcity of it is palpable. I am no exception to this rule. I want to be better too.

Byte is great for real interaction with others. it doesn’t suffers from a lack of quality, but a lack of VOLUME of quality. If you’re a great creator who’s growing on byte, you could grow 100x faster elsewhere. There isn’t incentive for the best creators to stay. They burn out trying to carry the app


I’m gonna pull an @onkelchrispy and just highlight this. It is an interesting point


:slight_smile: very cool

I don’t think sounds killed bytes either, and I’m sorry if that’s what came across. As I pointed out, it’s hard to imagine media giants forming without video. I use sounds. I enjoy sounds. It’s not me as a creator but as a viewer who’s noticed people I used to watch content from drop off around that time.

This is something I want to rehighlight. I don’t believe that byte is dead, and everyone who used byte before sounds has had their content worsened because of it. There’s just a small part of “something’s gone that was there before.”
I’m not trying to insult creators who left, either. No one owns byte their time.


I don’t think Rodric was talking about you. I’m sure he was referring to this lol

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Thanks king, makes more sense

The part that’s REALLY weird for me is that when people actually stop posting the majority of people don’t even realize until much later on. I understand this is a short term memory type of content but it’s very disheartening to see people not even realize when one of us has left.


I actually think it’s funny you say that, because I feel the exact opposite way. As unique and close knit as the byte community is, I actually think it’s extremely weird that people need to acknowledge when they are absent from both sides.

When I see absentee posts or announcements I have trouble not rolling my eyes. People should use the app when they want to without worrying that without their content or reassurance of their return the app will collapse.

I silently mourn the byters who have stopped posting or don’t post as much because it’s not my place to hold any expectation on them. If it’s not their time then it’s not their time.


The majority of creators (even on Etsy, YouTube, Podcasts. etc) make an announcement of their absence. I think you owe it to your audience if you leave instead of leaving it a mystery of where they went.


Byte was amazing at first, almost feelt like it was Vine, back on January, then when they made a lot of nonsense channels the app started to fall down. Hopefully they fix the app and the management on the trending side as all the videos that are in there, they are just people showing their face with a text without doing nothing, that’s why people are getting les interested on Byte. Hopefully this changes, I miss the idea of the app and the Skits, pranks, funny videos in general.


i started really listening to this album after knowing about it for years. totally worth it so far. very very fitting for my current feelings about just… everything

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but the thing is the app shouldn’t only be skits and funny videos-
the chanels are a little much but that’s because they’re probably gonna let people make their own-