Video Format, Length, and Playback

As a previous editor, I’ve been wondering about these aspects of posting. I like the original Vine’s square format for regular posting, but as an editor, I had to run my edits through some other app to add borders to my edit so that it fit the square screen. I think it’d be pretty cool to upload in a 1:1 OR 16:9 format. Not sure what others might think, though. It’d also be really cool to be able to upload 60fps (Instagram absolutely ruins video quality!). And lastly, I really didn’t like the “longer vine” aspect of having to view a long video in a sort of separate window. I think it’d be cool if it had auto playback like regular length videos.

Hey I know your post is a little old, but I still thought I’d reply just in case you hadn’t seen this response because I think it is relevant to your post:

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Yes i remember some editors would post there vines in crisp quality 60fps. But they had to use an external posting thing which they had to pay for :confused: