Video effects

Has this been said before?

It’d be cool to have a green screen effect like on tik tok or some other effects that are for byte only

Also after video is done effects like text and filters etc idk



New video effects will be available on Byte App that is not in the beta version.


leave that for tiktok :flushed:


But texts and filters are basic things if the app wants to survive in this era. Everyone loves effects, if we leave it to TikTok, Byte would be losing out by giving it a competitive edge of appeal to others.


we’re focused on different creation features for now. if we have the opportunity to staff up we’ll definitely look at filling out some of the basics down the line. effects also have a negative impact on creativity and longevity of content if handled without care, so we try to be deliberate about them


thanks Dom :))


Well in my opinion, green screens are not a Tik Tok thing, these started being used back in 2016 on vine so it makes no sense saying such things!


Hm, about the creativity thing, I like the idea of everyone getting the opportunity to reach video editing tools to spice up 'em bytes >w< :sparkles: This since not everyone owns video editing softwares like After Effects or Sony Vegas Pro and honestly, adding an option to drag png video files or something from your pc or phone sounds like an awesome idea to me. Any opinions on my overture/proffer? :heart_decoration:

This ofc is my opinion :sweat_smile: and I’m not saying that EVERYONE MUST make use of the tool but I think that if we get back and claim vine’s dank sense of humour and aesthetics we could make a big impact and the app would get the recognition it deserves and we could get back what was stolen from us :purple_heart:

Some effects are used as a gag themselves, so the video is little more than a manifestation of that effect. This is one case where creativity is lost when effects are built into the app. I agree that giving more people access to effects is good, but if the effect is too simple it won’t be of much value.

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We NEED the color selector filter :sob::sob:

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