Video editing

The only way Byte could provide music on the app is to pay royalty fees. TikTok apparently pays a massive sum of money each year and has a team of copyright lawyers who manage it all. That’s not going to be feasible for Byte at the moment.


I wish I could rotate vids, twice already (I don’t post much) I had this happen to me; I filmed, cropped and whatnot, have it on my phone ready to post, but… turns out I made it in landscape mode

It’s a stupid mistake, but nevertheless quite annoying when it happens to you.

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Really? That’s interesting. Not gonna lie I just always thought TikTok didn’t give asf, they’re a Chinese company and will do whatever the hell they want lmao.

Speaking of copyright, how will monetization work on Byte because some Bytes have studio or copyrighted music in them. Are we going to end up getting demonetized like on YouTube?


Though I would also like more video editing in the byte app, like others have said I think it will start to resemble Tiktok too much.

Snapchat is great for adding text to video.

For video editing on mobile I love VLLO. It’s simple but just works. Between the two, and the numbers of green screen Snapchat filters, can achieve many desired effects. Just my thought.

My sense is that people who are trying to monetize their loops will be very attentive to copyright, much like YouTubers. When I use music, I only use stuff that is public domain or I play it on guitar. The only thing that wasn’t was the news program skits that I used to do. The amount of studio music I used was so short that it qualified as fair use.

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I use iMovie to edit my bytes before I release them officially on the app. Try iMovie, if you use Apple products.

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Oh shit! You’re totally right. I don’t know why that didn’t occur in my brain lol, Bytes are so short that nothing would ever be claimed for copyright haha. Wow! We’re already beating YouTube—I guess they’re a long form platform though so it’s different but we’re beating TikTok & Instagram at least. You see this is why you don’t increase time limits, laws are stupid but short form gets us a pass boo yah! #6SecondGang


Well.said my friend, well said :+1:

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I think that if they put editing of any sort on byte. People would start to want more editing option and I don’t really like that. That’ll mean that people would want more and in that case it doesn’t make any sense. If you want to edit your bytes then an editing app could do the job.

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Vine did have an feature where you could swap around the clips in any order after you’ve made them. That would be good to see again


@RVPMatt123 Oooh, yeah, that would be fun.

Try using cute cut pro on iOS. I use it because it’s so simple.

You’re not going to like this but all of TikToks tools help people make a lot of content. And right now it needs to be as easy as possible to make and distribute this content.


I’ve finally gotten the hang of iMovie for iphone, but it’s still so clunky. I’ve started just using Final Cut on my laptop. I know I said in an early post that it would be more work - but it really is so much faster for me.
Takes about 1/4 the amount of time.