Video compression is making me sad

Unsure if the compression like this is intentional but it’s kind of making me sad. This byte is so fuzzy it kind of ruins it.

I’m unsure if it’s my fault with the export but I have tried many export settings and they all end up like this.

Should I just avoid things with lots of detail? That would make me a sad bear.


High detail and particle effects in video will always get compressed to hell online sadly.

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I’m so sad. :cry:

Thank you for the heads up on that. I had no idea that was a thing.

Definitely true for YouTube, but I remember Dom saying Byte prioritizes high quality video over fast loading speeds. There is probably still some compression, I just don’t know how much

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You could try bringing down the “Black” levels in your color correction. I noticed my vids looked a bit crispier when I did that. Once the blacks are down, you’ll see a better contrast. I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro btw.

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Thank you! :slight_smile::vulcan_salute:t3::heartbeat: