Video collab for christmas day

Hey Guys :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:,
I’m currently working in collaboration with a few influencers and friends of mine on a Video to be aired (by all of us) on Christmas day and I was thinking if anyone here would be interested in being a part of it?.:relaxed:

If interested, Please kindly drop your Instagram handle and I’ll send you a DM asap! and brief you the full details😌.

THANK YOU :relaxed:

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Would probably be best to explain more on the forum post

It’s simple :relaxed:, You’re to make a very short video of yourself saying a Christmas wish (not more than 10secs).
And your video will be used in a mashup with other videos.
You know, since we have just 16Seconds here on Byte, we’ll have to be more creative in our videos😂.

We have just “2 Xmas qoutes/wishes”
And each Creator will be given a particular quote (out of those two).

I would gladly drop the quotes here and ask anyone interested to pick one of them and make a video with it, but you see!, the problem is that 95% of people might go for the First quote and vice versa :relaxed: leaving the whole thing unbalanced.
So that’s where the DMs comes in, so we can make it in an oderly manner,:blush:

The Main idea behind this Christmas Collab is because of Covid19, you see, there are a lot of people who are seriously going through hard times, others have been hit by this pandemic while others are secretly battling depression,(and most of them are always smiling and so you’ll barely know what’s happening)
So this collab will be more of our own little way of bringing people together in a fun way to tell others we Care☺️. So that’s just basically it😌.
Btw, please pardon my grammar, English is not my forte​:man_facepalming:t5::joy::joy: