Video Clip Library - Memes, Scenes, Quotes, Vines, etc

Hi all,

Disclaimer… I work for this app, but I think it could power an awesome feature for byte. Interested to see whether you agree.

The app is called Vlipsy, built to bring video clips into messages and posts. Think GIFs with sound.

We have a massive, searchable library of clips from TV shows, movies, random internet videos, and yes… old Vines. It’s all the most iconic reaction videos, gathered into one place.

Based on what I’ve seen people creating so far, I feel like the clips could fit in a variety of creations. Eg. Record yourself, drop in 2 sec of Michael Scott, back to yourself… Endless possibilities.

Would anyone want to see a feature / button in byte to use clips like this?

You can search the Vlipsy library on our site, iOS app, or Android app. I hope we have the type of stuff you’d wanna use in creations - let me know what you think!

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