Very strange bug surrounding uploaded video & beats (Android)

Buckle up, this one is weird. So I went to post a (previously recorded / external) video this morning and noticed some particularly odd behavior when uploading / applying beats in a specific scenario. When uploading an external video and not changing the start point (very beginning of the video regardless of the end of the loop timing), then applying a beat, the tempo goes wayyyy off and results in an extremely long Byte. My video would play at normal speed and freeze on the last frame, but the audio would continue past the 6.5s of video on to 1 minute and 41 seconds.

PLEASE NOTE: The following video, when viewed in-browser only plays for 6 seconds, but locally (on Mac OS in my case) it plays out to a full 1:41. Please download the video for the full effect. That being said, here’s the file downloaded from the web of the resulting Byte:

Another odd thing: I was able to successfully post this Byte, but it was quickly removed from my feed. I’m not sure if that was a moderator / staff member or whomever, but while It’s no longer appearing on my profile through the web or in my feed, it’s still appearing under my profile on my phone. I’m not sure if it’s visible at the account level (for you Byte staffers), but if it helps, the video ID was 8bpnFrrbGnj.

So, to recreate:

  1. Upload external video
  2. Don’t change the start of the loop
  3. Apply your beat of choice

This is pretty odd behavior, though probably not highly encountered. Also throughout the process, if I were to back out of my Byte once the beat was applied, it would crash.

I’m on Android, Byte v1.1.3.

PS: I can send the video file if that’d be beneficial :ok_hand:.


I’ve found a Byte that’s still up and experiencing the same thing, though not as extreme as my case: You can see how the video freezes and the beat continues – In this case for 9 seconds total.