Very rough app design concept



Its very simple but i like it

Well done! This would be something I would use :slight_smile:

I really like the nostalgic design. Also has that symbol at the top been designated as the official logo for V2? If it hasn’t I would definitely vote for that one.

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I like the colour and the toolbar at the bottom :))

Looks great! I like the two at the top as well!

Seems a bit too similar to Instagram, but other than that I like it!


i believe there is a rough logo made by @dom I made this one off of someones elses logo with a similar concept

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I like it. Maybe the middle button would able you to click it at anytime while using the app and instantly start recording.

yes that was my idea

nice, great idea!

I like the look of it, nice and simple

Simple and minimal. I like it.

Very Simple, Modern, But you could add transparency to the bottom of the screen because the aspect ratio of videos is going to be 16:9