VERO - To check out

i have no idea how to use this app but it seems so cool so far! my friend just told me about it! it is still in the beginning stages so they say to expect outages and whatnot and welcome feedback!

if you guys haven’t, you should definitely check it out


i love trying new apps out and it only makes me more excited to see what comes of V2!


What is it basically?

a new social media app where you can share photos, videos, and even music from itunes

these are the post options


you also have the ability to control who sees your posts via tiers. so you can share certain posts with just close friends or maybe acquaintances as well. of course, you can also share them with your followers

from what i’ve gathered so far, as well, the first million users will have the app free for life

What is that app about?

anything really! sort of like instagram with more post options (:

Sounds cool

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Seems legit. Signed up a few hours ago. But it’s getting a large influx of users so servers are messy. Stuck in an upload loop and crashes my app. Hope to see it working better in morning.


will sign up and check this out

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gonna check this out, seems interesting


yeah! i’m still getting the hang of it but i like it so far! it’s something fresh!

i hope it works better for you this morning too! be sure to let them know of these bugs so they’re aware of how many people are experiencing certain bugs and whatnot (:

what do you think of interface?

awesome! i hope you like it (:

i’m happy to hear that! let me know what you think of it (:

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Downloaded it today and it looks interesting, may use it a little more

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it is interesting for sure! i have began experiencing more bugs which is expected since its still in beta but if they can solve everything, it has real potential!

some people are freaking out because it will be a paid app (except for the first one million users) but i wouldn’t mind paying for a proper social network/app, truthfully

Seems like something fresh. The layout is very nice and it is pretty fluid overall. I really am impressed!

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i think exactly the same! i love that, on your feed, the background changes with the post. it automatically compliments the post content versus the static white background we see throughout social media platforms today

and it’s chronological lmfao

still gonna stay loyal to v2 :joy:

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oh i didn’t think of it as a competitor to V2 at all lmao, from what i read, Vero wants to overthrow instagram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i’m definitely still on board with V2


Interface is nice. They’ve had good time to finesse it. Just still server issues. Posted a few things last night. Just needs more posting categories. Was hoping for like a ‘video game’ option as opposed to film/tv and music. Figured out a way to post like a text update. Just screenshotting from notepad after what you type is formatted to your liking. I think I can do some interesting things given the tools they provide. I like it. Not sure how to go about it though as it seems ‘serious’ and I’m mostly sarcastic in real life and online haha