Verizon vs T-Mobile

So I’m doing this poll in case I decide to get a new phone/switch plans whenever I have enough money & when my mom says it’s okay to buy/switch plans. Vote which one is better & comment your reasons why :slight_smile: (I currently have Verizon)

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile

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i swear by t-mobile lmfao, i had verizon too then switched to t-mobile about 3 ish years ago and i’m a happy gal!

plus they give you free stuff every tuesday so that builds morale :joy:

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I did hear something about that lmao :joy:

This may feel like an ad, but I promise you, its not :joy:
There is a company called Wing run by a YouTuber (Joe Santagato) and his friends. I have never used it, but many people say its great and that they save a lot of money. It’s only in the US for now though.

Their Twitter
Their Website

"What Is Wing?"


I’m trying it out now, thanks for the help!

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I honestly don’t know I have at&t, which is great in my area… it really just depends on your area and the cell service there… id ask around, like ask your friends and people around you.

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If you do end up trying Wing, let me know how it goes.


Everyone I know has either Verizon or T-Mobile, two of the most popular carriers so I doubt that would be much help

Will do :slightly_smiling_face:

I voted T Mobile because I have it but T-Mobile is actually terrible. We pay for unlimited full speed data and it’s really only full speed when it wants to be lol so I can only imagine the regular customers’ service

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