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I’ve been sharing videos since Byte was first opened. I make video edits to make Bytes more popular. I have never had a Tiktok account before. I only produce content for Byte. I also had thousands of videos watched. The videos I produce are very popular. There are many people like me. I want to get a verification badge for my account. If there really is an emphasis on content creativity and creativity, then those who produced content for Vine in the past and Byte now should be valued. Tiktkokers all come in once a month and then go back. To those who actually only work for Byte, Byte should give a self-specified badge.


no need to be hostile… Hey @torneydo at the moment they are mostly focused on people who are verified on other platforms and most notable people like celebrities atm. you can apply anyways.


I sincerely want Byte to rise to replace Vine. For this, I encourage the old video producers around me. My and other video content producers’ videos are stolen by some videos thieves. Moreover, they share the videos as if they did it themselves. I do not object to this. I want Byte to become widespread and take its place among the first in all countries.

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I mean, as a meme page, would verification really help prevent that? Looking at your videos, it doesn’t look like there’s anything which would help re:people taking the videos.
No art work, no audio which is your voice, your face is not in videos- I don’t see how being verified would help stop any plagiarism.


At first I had my own face and voice in the videos. However, since Byte has not arrived in my country yet, I stopped shooting videos with my face and voice. Every country has a different sense of humor. Therefore, I produce content that will appeal to the general public. However, if Byte goes to the full version and comes to my country, I will publish all the humorous and funny content I have planned.

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to be verified on byte you need to have a large following on another platform or be verified on another platform. you should get verified if your risk of impersonation is high


Understood. I guess the views and followers in Byte account do not matter. @RodinBoi

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no not really lol


I think they’re planning to verify their own creators but with what happened in moop gate they kinda need to re make or fix the system rn😂

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You’re looking at it from a “prodigal” standpoint when, as it’s been pointed out rather clearly by other creators in this thread, that the current verification process is solely focused on ensuring that creators from other platforms have the opportunity to a) prove who they are and b) take control of any handle that may contain their name or their intellectual property. It’s as much of an identity thing as it is Byte ensuring that, as its own entity, it doesn’t get into any possible legal entanglement because of possible infringements taking place.

To your point, you’re right: the views and followers do not matter. In general, that is. Numbers are just numbers; it’s the engagement that matters. You feel you “deserve” some kind of notoriety, but what span, what reach, what ground does your content cover? Byte is constantly and consistently creating new avenues and accessories, setting them into place so that creators can further their own coverage and exposure within the application. If your content is truly deserving of the attention and notoriety you are begging for here, that all comes from the people who view, enjoy, and ultimately share and engage with your content; it doesn’t come from a silly icon next to your Byte handle.

And if you are listing out all of your “accomplishments” and “tenure” in argument of said silly icon next to your Byte handle… then you might want to reevaluate your purpose within the application, altogether.


Thank you for sparing your precious time. In the early days of Byte, I was shooting videos in which I was more creative and in person. However, since Byte was not in the full version and it is not in the country where I am, I continued to create videos that will appeal to all countries. Since his sense of humor may differ from country to country, I shelved dozens of videos he was planning to shoot. I hope Byte will spread to all countries in a short time and I will start creating my real content. @m3jcnv

I hear what you’re saying! They will verify big byte creators eventually, assuming app growth. Until then, there’s not much we can do other than keep making original content :raised_hands::pray: