Verified Accounts - the time is now!

That’s how vine died


Wait what? You’re unsettled by not knowing if somebody who doesn’t know you exist is authentic or not?


Yes, yes I do. I’d rather support the original creator, than I would supporting a content thief. If your fine with watching stolen content dubsmash and Likee would love to have you.

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I’m an OG millennial viner FYI. I just can’t help but use no​:heart: now :joy:

Does anyone know how to grow on here?

Quality content and interaction. Honestly, it’s not as easy as it looks

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Water and plenty of sunlight :wink:


So toxic❤️ I wanted to do it too though

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There is already elitism in the app if you think about the payment system and the Your Mix which only shows top creators. Im just asking for a way to know that I am supporting the right ppl. Get rid of the Catfishes

Dude if you can’t tell the difference between a genuine Wendy’s byte and a fake then more fool you!

… bruh what does that even mean, they just save the OG vid and repost it’s not a new concept.

They’ve been here for like 3 days tho

thank you! haha