Verified Accounts - the time is now!


With the inevitable flood of TikTokers, now is the time to get a verification program launched. And, I mean ASAP…like tomorrow!!

Love them or loathe them, it does not matter!! Those little blue ticks will be crucial in ensuring the big creators, curators, and brands transition to, and embrace, Byte.

The key will be to honor ALL verified TikTokers with an equivalent verified account on Byte…regardless of size or genre! Why? Because with them, come the masses!

This unique window of opportunity may be short lived…there are plenty of other (better prepared) platforms out there that would kill to soak up any mass exodus from TikTok.


Honour them for posting nothing? I don’t understand


unpopular opinion: it’s too soon, there are other important features that should be implemented before the badge. FYI, the influx is stable, it looks like it slowed down a bit. (basically reached its the peak for the moment)


People on the partner program have a special badge. I feel like this is enough especially since the partner program will expand eventually.


Yeah, Partner Program & Beta testers have badges. That’s enough for now.


It’s like really bad out there, and you don’t have to be extremely popular to need a verified badge. Finneas (Billie Eilish’s bro) had an account but nobody could be sure he was the real deal. He posted a byte on insta which verified it but a simple badge would help.

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yes pls verify @chlamydiaa @depressedteen @geo pls


also byte beats creators! they have a sick little music note icon



vampire lady I found you again

More like popular opinion :+1::+1::+1:

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No, We don’t want more tiktokers.

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:flushed: um alright i’m down

Verification leads to elitism. No.


Yeah, verification is weird. All of my TT friends ask if I’m verified and when I try to explain the partner program they are genuinely confused, but after a minute they realize it’s a much better system.


Our numbers are starting to slip, and a complete tiktok ban is unlikely. If elitism leads to authenticity and less fake profiles than I think that piece of mind is worth everything. The Byte Beta logo is essentially acting as a verification symbol tbh, and many with it aren’t active.

Again though, isn’t the partner system essentially the same thing. It shows the big dedicated person on byte. I don’t think anyone cares if the celebrity is “the real deal” if they’re not even making stuff.


I think on TT they have both verified and “esteemed content creator” kinda thing. The former to distinguish real accounts from fake accounts for the purposes of well-known people/brands, and the second more for their creators (so probably our partner equivalent), though I think they use the same blue checkmark.

Ok I just checked, they got rid of that distinction so they all just “blue checkmarks” now.


This is how vine grew:

  1. content creators fight to gain traction
  2. The ones that do are recognized and thus post more high quality content
  3. This content will keep people on the app
  4. Advertisers are more likely to invest in byte with a consistent user base.

With Byte they directly pay content creators which was one of the major issues with Vine.

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