Is Google forms the easiest place for you to allow people to request verification? Would it not be easier to have this in the app so you have a little more control over verification criteria?

It might be worth a help article (or custom help centre instead of Zendesk) so you can better build things to your needs in the future.

Just a thought because you’ll likely get thousands of requests from people who won’t be eligible.


It may not be the easiest, but it’s the fastest implementation. Everything is happening so quickly right now and there’s no time to design and code a native solution.


Are you talking about the partner program??

as rei said. its the fastest way

not the partner program. Yesterday byte tweeted a google form for people wanting to be verified, with the description “If your risk of impersonation on byte is reasonably likely now or in the near future, you may request a verified badge on your profile.”


Can someone send the link? Or did we have to have Twitter

by the looks of it, it seems to be for bigger creators whose names are at risk of being used. just a headsup


I think it is way easier since the form asks for all your social media and links and it’s probably the fastest way to get a reply or get the devs/admins to see it

Since it will directly send it to their emails because that’s how google forms work.

@matthew2806 I think the same as you, it would be more practical