Verification, the ugly truth

So dom, I’m not quite sure if you are aware or anyone is, but verification is actually a business on instagram. I literally can pay someone, ( it’s quite costly might I add… ) to verify any profile I choose. So how will this be stopped in the “new app” ?

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On Instagram can’t you pay for a verification, but they can still remove it. Don’t you also need a manager.

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**this verification service is very very sketchy and against he instagram TOS, but yes it still does happen

I believe verification is just meant to stop impersonation, like accounts acting like the actual creator. I don’t think it’ll be a “business”.


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its fine 12 char

Yeah, that’s against the terms and service agreement to buy verification system. You are allowed to verification badges for like 1,000+ but its wrong

I think this comment from Dom kind of ties into this new form of “verification” that he’s looking into.

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We are talking about conditions of verification lol and how to stop illegal verification

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On the contrary, I believe a verified badge ranks you higher in the search engine. For instance if I am a dog foods sales person, could I not badge myself and rank higher then competing dogs food companies? ( dog food is a weird one, but I hope you can see where I’m coming from )

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someone who has the verification badge is obviously going to be clicked on more than someone who doesn’t.

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Agreed Jen! And no, you don’t need a manager. That is quite the paycheck, but that’s what makes Instagram such a great tool for earning money!

Yeah it sold for quite a bit even though it how a low amt of followers crazy. alot of people wanted it, someone asked for it for $150 and got made fun of. its so expensive

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lend me a checkmark my boy

ogu is soooo expensive

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I believe a lot of people, myself included would enjoy having some sort of verification badge. If only to feel special and have the security. Even though, I’ve witnessed a lot of people ignoring the badge and falling for fake accounts.

A verification badge won’t just be handed out because you want to feel special.