VCOINS( a way that V2 can create revenue)

So I thought of this system that will let V2 generate revenue and at the same time help new artists and even fans support their fav artists

It’s called VCOINS which is a crypto currency system that the V2 users can benefit from both supporting the app and themselves
So the system goes like this
You go watch ads and interact with them
The more you interact with ads the more you can earn VCOINS which you can use to support your fav V2 creator and the more you donate to your fav creator the higher his chance of him noticing you and at the end of the month those VCOINS get converted to actual money
And the creator presents a list of his top 10 Vfans that supported him that month by giving them a shout out or thanking them or even featuring them in a V"ne

NOTE: you can’t use Youre own VCOINS as revenue you have to donate them at others
What do you think Guys?


I both like the idea, and don’t.

Let’s say:

  • I don’t want to shoutout anyone just because they donated me VCOINs. People will call me a jerk (this is how humans think, sadly)

  • Some people will shoutout their donators, so more people will donate so they can get shouted out by a famous artist. (You can see this in:

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Sounds great dude! One thing though… i think there would be people taking advantage of this and create 'fake 'accounts to get the ‘vcoins’ to spend on themselves. Just my thoughts

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Well the artist has to have a way of rewarding there fans or something? I think instead of a shout out the artist has to do something? Maybe say a thank you as a DM to his loyal donaters?it depends on the artist

Artists are already giving something…

Their hard work (to entertain other people).

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You would need a lot of time because I think one ancount won’t be enough because you can hardly get a like a 1000 VCOINS and those can be converted into like 1 dollar?

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I dunno depends on the artist I mean I only suggested the top 10 Vfans as like a reward or something? It’s optional

I get your point, but as I said. Some people will abuse it to earn more money.


  • Donate for shoutout!
  • Donate for DM!
  • Donate for my phone number!


  • V2 get filled up with toxic headed people that also had.

If there will be something like VCOIN, they should be awarded to creators in a daily basis depending on how much their video has been liked / seen / looped / etc.

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The thing is that I thought of on this VCoin was the interaction with the creator and his fans and making them feel like they support him
More interaction means more ad interaction and that will keep V2 successful ! But I like you’re idea ! I just need a way to figure out how the artist won’t abuse this option

I understand your idea. It’s very nice tbh. But humans aren’t nice and they try to abuse everything. So. As I said. It wouldn’t work pretty well.

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I dont like that idea, it need some changes

Like?any suggestions?

I think this is a good idea, but I agree that there is definite possibilities of abuse by creators. My suggestion would be VCoins awarded to the top 50 posts every week? Although once the popular accounts are established, I don’t think that would work very well

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I personally don’t believe this is a good idea, mainly for the reasons above, but also because of the fact that you’d be creating a new currency. Apps that have a currency are, for one, confusing to new users, and two, offputting. Plus, it opens a whole new door of currency abuse.

And the clarify, this isn’t meant to be rude, only to provide criticism, which is important in any idea’s growth.

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That sounds like that live app called Bigo

Something about this seems good, but then again there would obviously be people who bot and somehow exploit this really neat idea, so is it really worth it

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Great concept in theory. But as others have noted, could be abused by bots and others.

Regardless, nice way to think outside the box!

it’s a good idea in theory, but as humans do, people would eventually take advantage of it in some way. in my eyes i never really see cryptocurreny coughmusicallycoughcough as a way to make money in a genuine way, for lack of better words; it just seems somewhat greedy to me. i personally think running ads in between posts on people’s feeds (like instagram) would be a lot better for users as well as creators and the app itself.

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No thank you to any kind of in app currency, especially that which can be earned by watching ads (No ads or very minimal ads please) but I agree with giving content creators something back, in theory. Twitch has donations and subscribers, YouTube has subscribers, but you don’t see Instagram implementing a donation system for creators. With that said, if V2 is going to be everything it’s hyped up to be and ultra creator focused, I think it could pull some kind of donation system off. But could you imagine ReV(ine) for VCoin? The community would find a way to exploit this system and ruin it for everyone unless it was implemented in a reallly clever way.