Vanillo - An upcoming video sharing platform that's plain & simple

(Not the site I’m working on, nor am I part of the development team. But I just thought I wanna share this with you guys to see if you’re interested in a YT alternative)

So I was scrolling through vidme’s official subreddit after the site’s closure on December 15th. And I found a pretty neat site you guys might wanna check out!

Vanillo is an upcoming video sharing platform created by CosmicMedia LLC. (And a potential TV channel under the same name & logo on CosmicTV by the same company) Unlike YT, this one doesn’t have ad policies/demonetization (Hopefully) or algorithms to moderate the site. Only human moderation with videos reviewed by humans, not AI! And a few other things. Such as a clean layout, sub-profiles, (Which you can manage more than one account using the same login. And you’ll be able to share accounts with multiple logins if you’re a collaborator) communities, (Like a group system) partnership, monetization, (Through ads & donations) live-streaming, vanillo original shows & more! The site is not out yet & it’s still in development. But it got some potential! I hope you guys can join the site when it launches to the public soon.

What do you guys think about the site? Leave your replies on this thread to see what you think, and if you think you should join the site later or not!

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Looks nice, but the details are a bit vague.

Don’t know how well it’ll do relative to YouTube + IGTV, which are kinda the top video-sharing + content creating platforms. It takes a lot of convincing to get people to switch to a brand new platform, but since Instagram already had a ton of creators on their platform, it was easier for them.

Something like Vanillo would require a shit ton of advertising + promotion in order to get somewhere, unless it has something really unique about it. :slight_smile:

Well according to one of vanillo’s twitter accounts. Ads are being handled by google’s adsense, with a planned ad platform for video ads!