V2ers? What will users be called

I’m curious as to what users of the v2 app will be called. For example, people who used the app “Vine” adapted the term “Viners” as their name. But I’m not sure what people who use V2 will be named/called. In my opinion “v2ers” doesn’t really have that fluent sound as we are hoping for.
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Here’s a quote from our man, Dom


I guess it depends on the name of the app. Some people have posted similar threads. Check them out:


Oh thank you for the information!

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Continuing the discussion from Regarding Artists & Creators:


Users will be called artists that create videos, I dont know what viewers will be called


I’m pretty sure that nobody is going to get a v2 account just to watch

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lmfao you never know

presumably just followers i think. or maybe something like visitors, subscribers, etc.

I know some people who got vne accounts just to watch vnes, it isn’t too uncommon :wink:

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Dom already say that, We are going to call artists

Artists sounds cool, but can get confusing irl.

Oh wow that’s true. Didn’t think about that :expressionless:

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