V2 Yearly Awards?

In my earlier posts (man I’m on a roll today) I mentioned physical awards being sent out but I was thinking about the app launch and I really dont want this to flop :sob::sob:. But I was thinking there should be a sort of vine olympic award thing. People could nominate each year for funniest vines or most iconic vines and if you win top 3 you’ll have tiny emoji medals on your banner (:trophy::1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal::medal_sports::medal_military:) with the trophy or star medal for honorable mentions.


You are on a roll

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Not a bad, but who would finance it?

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Idk but i was thinking this could happen after it gains its old popularity or st least a fraction of it

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Yes, that’s a good way

This could work but v2 would need to have a good stable year of being up first

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v2 could work in compliance with the shorty awards? The shorty awards use to have categories for only-viners and they have enough money to fund actual events.


Sponsors :call_me_hand: :thinking:

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Yeah. But first V2 will have much popularity in the web and obviusly on Youtube (Recompilations of vines), because in “shorty” have snapchaters, instagramers, musers and Youtubers…
All that social medias have popularity in the web :money_mouth_face:

I find a lot of people on here have this general concept of voting on other people’s productions and content, but I feel that is just going to allow the big to keep getting bigger while the smaller channels will remain small. I feel personally the whole structure of vines is built off of community and the involvement of everyone, but voting takes away that aspect to make it look like one is better than the other, which shouldn’t be the case at all.

TL;DR, The idea of awards limits the content creators and the progress of the app.

ON A COUNTER IDEA, what if we simply continue to use a “vine of the day” feature, or daily feature, chosen not by the community, but by the app moderators, admins, etc?

Girl you are on a roll :joy: all these great ideas are definitely going to help @dom well done! :))

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loveee it, it would give the creator a sense of achievement and in turn they’d create more content… not a bad idea :0

Perfect Idea

Yearly there should be awards hosted by @dom and all of the best Viners can be there or ALL Viners who were able to come. Ideas like the following…

  • Biggest Viner

  • Best Growing Viner

Not everyone can become big, you know.

I don’t think you read my statement?

Social media isn’t a utopia where everyone grows and becomes big. Most small “channels” will stay small. That’s just how it works. I understand and agree with your counter-idea though. A staff-selected “Vine(s) of the Day/Week” would allow for much-needed discovery.

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