V2 wont be able to use the logo anymore

Damn v2 wont be able to use the logo i guess since thr fake app has already gotten popular and it has the logo …didnt see that coming

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it only matters who owns rights to it.

if we owned rights to it, they would be forced to remove it. either way, we have no official logo yet.


Huh. Weird.

There are no problems with the fake applications, when Dom creates the application it will be verified as the official one, I think


I checked the Google play store, and I couldn’t find the fake v2 app. I guess it’s taken down.

It’s only on iphones

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That isn’t how copyright law works

It’s unlikely that V2 will be the app name, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Otherwise, Dom would have registered a bunch of other V2 domains and not released the real name or a logo in advance to avoid someone ripping it off. It seems very likely now that V2 is the working name only, and that the actual app will have a different name.