V2 with Reddit inspiration

What if V2 had awards like Reddit, or gold for a creator for a month or a week. Or celebrate how long that a creator has been on the website, special badges for people who helped contribute to the website but not by just making a V2 forum account or donating 5 dollars to the Cashiba app the Dom’s making. And awards for those who become big on the new app when reaching 500k or 1mil followers.


Good idea i like it!


sounds awesome!!!


Thanks for the feedback

Too High
I am thinking something like 500k followers is really high, not even LeLe Pons has that many over 1million musical.ly followers. They should have every 100 followers you receive a “featured” or a view on a particular category that gives you lots of watch time.

I’m assuming we’re anticipating that the app is going to be really big, so then the numbers could work out better.

True factor
Of course the app will be big, but that doesn’t mean that we will have such high numbers, like if you joined musical.ly/TikTok today then it would be hard to get over 500 followers unless your really popular in your school etc. It may be harder for people to join the app a few months or years after the app launched.