V2 will not be worldwide first?

What I mean is it won’t be for the uk, Spain etc etc,
I’m wondering because I don’t know massive detail on app making XD I only make single player games lmao

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Why wouldn’t it be worldwide? The world is ready and I’m sure dom is too. Final details and more patches probably will come once the beta releases to make the app ready for lunch! I’m expecting a December/ January release so be prepare for what’s to come.


i second this, the more the people, the more smoother/faster the testing phase i reckon

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Had it been any update yet???

Not really, but there is a beta or alpha already, we’re just getting close to get on the open one. So have some faith :raised_hands:t2:

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Omggg so its Really happening yessss!!!

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i’m certain the follow up will be worldwide. as will the closed beta


If it isn’t at first, it will be. It won’t only be exclusive to the states and Canada

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Let’s hope the :vine: app was more big in North and South America than in Europe, the only European :vine:er I can think of was Daz Black, but hopefully it will be more international.

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V2 will be worldwide, can we please just wait for v2 to be released and see what happens then

I think if there is a roadblock, languages would be the only one.