V2 Week 4 Summary! Feb3-Feb10

Week 4, February 3rd - February 10th
Welcome to another week of summaries, hopefully everyone likes these because I wasn’t planning on stopping lol. Next week will be a month summary… so I guess the whole time these forums have been released to the public. Also I love the feedback so don’t be shy!

Previous Weeks:
Week 1: NA
Week 2: Here
Week 3: Here

Weekly Updates

  • Not much has happened in the past week but fake V2 apps are storming the app store and Doms
  • Snapchat has gone down hill with their update… the weak fall the strong will rise cough v2 cough
  • Saying that we have made a v2 snapstory here is my snap so I can add you :snapchat:DylanTaterTot

Top Users of the Week: (once again excluding dom and me)
All of the numbers are recorded on Feb 10th in the user tab
(Remember your medals)
Most Likes :heart:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–272-- @takeshisaan
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–267-- @ThomyBalca
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–237-- @Marko

Most Replies :speech_balloon:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–427-- @ThomyBalca
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–298-- @takeshisaan
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–243-- @Marko

Most Topics :announcement:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–11-- @ThomyBalca
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–9-- @Music
  3. :2nd_place_medal:–9-- @annsquake
  4. :3rd_place_medal:–8-- @takeshisaan

Best Like to Reply Ratio (Out of top 25 most likes)Topics added to replies

  1. :1st_place_medal:-- 2.1:1-- @kaden
  2. :2nd_place_medal:-- 1.7:1-- @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  3. :3rd_place_medal:-- 1.4:1-- @FaizalDawx

Most Read:books:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–6.7k-- @EricFrey
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–5.7k-- @lex
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–5.3k-- @takeshisaan

Stats for the Week:

  • Amount of Topics: 312
  • Current Total Topics: 2.5k
  • Amount of Posts: 8.2k
  • Current Total Posts: 73.9k
  • New Users: 815
  • Current Total Users: 10.1k
  • Active Users: 2.5k
  • Likes: 6.3k
  • Current Total Likes: 56.3k

Popular Threads of the Week:
How to succeed at V2
Do You Think Where You Live Will Affect You On V2?
It would be so cool, to have a history section, where you have every video you last watch
LGBTQ+ V2 Community
V2 Snap Group Story

Thanks for your feedback on the last two weeks, as I said next week will be the week plus the month summary so look forward to that!



Cool stuff! Will be looking at the previous threads, since college is getting more intense


Finally got top something :joy:


Thanks buddy :heart:

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Yayyyyy I love these updates

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:smile: thanks @Super

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I see my topic rolling in 2nd! :smile:

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Thanks glad you enjoyed!

Gawsh, how much do I have to be on here to be in the tops?! Lmfao :joy::joy:

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Some people just spend all their lives on here… I’m guilty of it. Lol

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THIS IS the first time I’ve seen this. Cool!

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Haha thanks!

How do you find all this data anyway?

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LMAO! I’ve been on too much.

But in all honesty, I need to get a life. This is really sad.

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Dude. Same

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The stats are on the about tab in the user menu and also in the user menu is the “users” button where you find all the stats for each user.

LOL :rofl:

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Yep guilty

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