V2 Week 3 Summary! Jan28-Feb3

Week 3, January 28th - February 3rd
Weekly summaries will come out each saturday night and will summarize the previous Sun-Sat
Here is Week 2 Summary

Everyone seemed to like the last v2 week summary so I decided to make the third week a bit bigger, including a ranking for the top achievements for the week 1st= :1st_place_medal: 2nd= :2nd_place_medal: 3rd= :3rd_place_medal:according to the amount of likes, replies topics etc. Also a new ranking for the ratio of like:replies

Weekly Updates

  • Square or Portrait? A poll was created by @dom to see whether the community wanted to have the v2 videos square or portrait, the community voted 70% for square and 30% for portrait.
  • V2 twitter tweeted that the app will be out around summer, beta sometime before that and alpha is out now for staff members
  • Merch ideas! V2 asked what our favorite suggestion for merch “shirts and sweaters” were to top pick right ahead of “stickers and pins”

Top Users of the Week: (once again excluding dom and me)
All of the numbers are recorded on Feb 3rd in the user tab so they are not completely accurate
(Remember your medals and how many you have… I might do something with them in the future.)
Most Likes :heart:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–492-- @ThomyBalca
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–294-- @ItsMeJoseGChacin
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–250-- @takeshisaan

Most Replies :speech_balloon:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–556-- @ThomyBalca
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–225-- @jennifer
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–211-- @takeshisaan

Most Topics :announcement:

  1. :1st_place_medal:–13-- @Matty
  2. :2nd_place_medal:–12-- @ThomyBalca
  3. :3rd_place_medal:–8-- @Adam2Miles

Best Like to Reply Ratio (Out of top 25 most likes)Topics added to replies

  1. :1st_place_medal:-- 44.5:1-- @CamGreenawalt
  2. :2nd_place_medal:-- 4.7:1-- @azadei
  3. :3rd_place_medal:-- 3.1:1-- @kaden

Stats for the Week

  • Amount of Topics: 331
  • Current Total Topics: 2.2k
  • Amount of Posts: 11.3k
  • Current Total Posts: 65.6k
  • New Users: 1.7k
  • Current Total Users: 9.5k
  • Active Users: 3.6k
  • Likes: 8.6k

Popular Threads of the Week:
Square or Portrait
App launch Summer! Beta before that!
7 ideas that I would love for v2
Choosing beta testers?
V2 Browsing Design Idea

Thanks for your support on the last week summary, I decided to make this one a little bigger and more about the users and their achievement. Let me know what more I can add and discuss feedback in the comments.



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