V2 vs Youtube...Which will be better?

When V2 drops, do you think it will be better than Youtube? Let me know below.

@dom has a chance to dethrone Youtube as the best social media site on the internet. As a Youtuber, I don’t think youtube is fun anymore. I miss the old days when you could create content and not be “punished”. Also, the “not suitable for advertisers” thing I’m forced to deal with EVERYTIME I UPLOAD… is a real bummer. Vine was fun, zany, wild, cool and created legendary content we’ll remember forever. I miss the old days when content creators weren’t lectured like little children. But rewarded for their creativity. V2 is gonna DETHRONE youtube because @dom is putting transparency, creators, creativity, and equality first. “google preferred” …SMFH! :roll_eyes::weary:
V2 > Youtube


i hope v2 wont be strict but tbh i heard theres gonna be copyright which cant be avoided… so v2 is gonna be most likely less lenient than OG vine


V2 is for short videos, YouTube is for videos longer than the v2 limit… so I think ppl from YouTube might make videos for v2 but do YouTube aswell… 2 reasons, they want to make longer videos + more income

No platform will ever overtake youtube lol. They’re working with Google too… they have way too big of a platform to be dethroned. Only platforms that even have a chance to dethrone youtube would be Amazon, Twitch (almost 0% chance to dethrone it), or if Apple makes a video sharing site, which I can’t see happening, and Facebook.

V2 will be much better, in my opinion YouTube is dead to me, i dont like anymore and the content that people do i dont like. I prefer Twitch and i spend my time there. V2 is going to be revolutionary, :vine: :two: is the future…

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+more exposure

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I hope V2 will be as popular or even more popular

I really hope V2 can do this ‘social media’ thing right. I’ve known Youtube for a really long time now, and I see it becoming less of a dream every day. Of course it’s something I can still find joy in, but i keep hearing that making content isn’t the same. It’s not free. It’s not creative. All you have to do is bring in enough adsense and views and you’re set. The only thing that could stop you is having your public view ruined.
I want youtube to be like how it was in the early 2010s, where creativity and actually funny content shone. not companies and drama and dumb stuff like that. wow this is a really salty post :sweat_smile:

i still have hope for youtube though…

Tbh YouTube is way to big to even get close. I do think v2 will be big but nowhere near YouTube

When I discovered Vine, I realized that YouTube immediately became old-fashioned. It still is, although I follow some channels for long-form conversation about topics that I like (e.g. Twin Peaks discussion, which sometimes needs three hours at a time!).

But, YouTube could be made great again by reintroducing 10 minute clip limits. You want to do an essay? Do it in chapters, like in the old days.

Those people who post long takes of action cam footage on YouTube will hate V2, because it forces you to choose just a tiny fraction. But I have some news for you, GoPro fanboys: I have no time to be bored by your tiresome, pointless POV clips. The GoPro itself is third-rate tech, and is thankfully being superceded by better cameras.