V2 video ideas

I wanna hear what you’re gonna do on v2 when it launches. You can use this Topic to save your ideas so you can remember them later, or if you just wanna show your talent. I promise I won’t steal them, but if I do, I’ll ask you in advance and give you credit. AND, when v2 eventually launches, you can share your final product here as well (I guess you can just reply to your own post with the video). I hope your ideas are good!


Just comedy.

But you should read this:

So I’m currently working on a concept to make essentially very short album reactions/reviews. Still deciding on if I’ll pre-create content in a video editing software (and only if there’s an option to upload a video), do it all native in the app, OR a combo of both. Mostly planning on taking a comedic approach to it when appropriate.

It’s going to be super fun to figure it all out :smile:

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*Getting Content :yum:

Sounds awesome! I hope everything works out! :+1:

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I would really love to continue video editing for my posts because it was and still is my favorite way to express my creativity :blush:

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Ill dabble in some comedy. Who knows. Maybe some other stuff. Guess we will see!

im gonna start it by saying guys now that vine is shutting down follow me on all of my social media in

some content