V2 video format/crop

guys I’m sorta having mix feelings about v2 being full screen like snapchat is, the square video was so iconic and has so much feel behind it. recording vines in full screen will feel so alien to me. how do you feel about it?


I agree it’ll be so weird for it to be vertical.


i feel exactly the same way :confused:


There is no confirmed format for video display in v2.

However, I would personally love to see an Instagram-like format where users have some flexibility over the shape of their creations.

Giving users more flexibility and customization with their content will help us support a more inventive and creative platform.


I honestly think they should stick with square format. Imagine being an editor. All of the footage they use is most likely horizontal Just like footage recorded on cameras which is why I believe square is the best bet. It also made things look so organized unlike how intagram you can have one horizontal post, then a portrait post and then a square, i also have ocd lol.