V2 Video Archive Site?

Don’t get ahead of me lol I’m one of those Believers that V2 will live a LOOOOOOOOONG and Immortal Life…But…as I’ve seen from many people, on and off the Forums, there has been a frenzy, sometimes, when there is a "V"id people have Loved in the Past, no matter how long ago or recent, can’t be found anymore for one reason or another.

My suggestion/idea is to someway have an Archive Site where V2 Vids are “permanently” saved/stored. Kind of like saving them in “The Cloud” so they are Secure for Future viewing.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts? I’m curious what you’re Points Of View are.

(Update: I think everyone reading this is just thinking I’m predicting/expecting V2 to fall. That is completely false and the opposite of the Truth. Anybody fully understand what my intention is for this idea?)

Why don’t you just save it in your cloud? There’s probably going to be an option to save your Vs in your phone once it’s posted. Just go to your cloud in your phone and add that folder too automatically be saved.


@ItsMeJoseGChacin That’s actually what I did/do/still do lol :ok_hand: But I know not everyone does or thinks of doing that. Have you ever had a "V"id or more that you really enjoyed but can’t find it anymore? That’s what I’m referring to, to have (if realistically possible) an Archive Site that once a Month or whatever, the V2 Site videos are Updated to an Archive, to keep them backed up.

Well, this is a good idea. But I don’t actually see them making it. Let see what happens.

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@ItsMeJoseGChacin Yep, we’ll see :ok_hand: Thank you for your input. I appreciate it :+1:

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I’m pretty sure v2 will last for a long time

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Me too, but who knows what the future holds/will hold

@MattFogarty Hello Mr. Fogarty. I think it’s safe to say my Thread here can be Closed. I don’t think it sparked any kind of interest in the Community, and I don’t want it to take up any space that a Useful Thread could be :+1: I don’t know if this is how it works, or a way it works with Closing Threads, but I thought I’d let you know I’d be ok with it being Closed. Thank you once again and for all the V2 Team :100:

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You can save the video before upload to V2 in your phone or computer

I think this is a good idea. Like the Vine page still has the old Vines. A v2 page would still have new and uploading Vs

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