V2 upcoming, Someone build my comedic skills

V2 Is upcoming, and with this, i need to build my comedic skills for V2, HELP! its urgent :'D


Do not force it. Make it natural


Think of jokes and write them down. Come back to them the next day and refine them. Do this until you think you’ve nailed them down.


Just make videos on what u would think is funny. I get tons of ideas all the time from just my every day life.

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Wow, didn’t expect a response, Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Honestly, what I did on Vine & do for my YouTube videos is I have a Niche tiny notepad the company gave me along with the T-SHIRT i love free things and I made a habit of just sliding it in my pocket anytime I leave my room and putting a pencil behind my ear. Sounds lame but it’s the worst when you’re out and you need to write down something funny or an idea, and it’s even a good conversation starter & even helped me pick up a few followers ;). I had a lot of people ask me why I carried it & I would tell them I’m a content creator & it helps me keep up to date with what I’m doing.

Honestly if you’re funny you’re funny if you’re not you’re not

Whatever you do, don’t get your material from Tumblr.