V2 TV? or Live V2 mode?

I think it would be interesting to have a special mode where you can simply watch all of the latest videos that are being posted as they are being posted.

You would view video after video as long as you would like. It would almost be like watching live v2 videos as they are published.




That sounds so cool !!

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That sounds like a good idea because people could be discovered a lot easier and it could be a good way to find people.


Actually sounds perfect for finding new creators! Could work like the radio feature on Spotify or Apple Music or whatever your music streaming platform of choice is. Really cool idea!


I agree, most people who post amazing unique content will not always get noticed right away.

@dom would you agree?


wait can u explain

@jennifer When you enter this “live v2” mode, you would immediately start seeing the latest vines as they are posted. Once one video is over, the next one would start playing immediately. None of the videos would be old, they would all be videos that are being currently posted at that moment.

You could sit and watch as many as you would like because all of the videos would be fresh content all around the world at that current timeframe.


@jennifer did that help?

this sounds like when twitter had discover and you could see all the tweets coming in at once. really good idea id love it

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Sounds like a great idea. Its gonna be way chaotic when the flood of people get on Vine when it comes out and the V2 TV is going crazy with new videos.

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I agree, very true

i think that this is an awesome idea

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This is actually an awesome idea! I love it

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Its a unique idea, it’s an amazing idea

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Thanks everyone, I think users would spend more time on the app watching random videos the moment they are published. You would constantly be seeing fresh content.


Maybe even filter the live tv by location?

I also feel like we could implement “V2 TV Channels”

I think it might be cool if the video looped like three times or something, so you have time to “like” or “star” it & you can revisit that video later to check out the artists channel.


I wonder if we could even implement a feature where we could see the most liked content that was broadcasting for a particular day or time frame?

I’d be interesting in seeing a live feature be implemented for artists to utilize – maybe give them the opportunity of one live video a day and, if broadcasted, leave it up for a day?

Idk, live seems to be a big deal nowadays, so I’d be curious to see it implemented on here further down the road.


It’d be really good to have this option but how do you think it will be implemented? Because if it’s like the LASTEST option here that would be MADNESS. Imagine thousands of videos loading.

Or more like a random mode. It will only show you a random one and won’t change until you click on next?

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