V2 translate center?

If you didn’t know twitter used to have something called the Twitter Translation center where you could apply and become a translator for the website. After you got enough Karma (points for when your translation/vote gets accepted.) you get a badge on your profile (Similar to the verified badge.). I would love to join the v2 translation center if we get one! It could also be a fun way to win a Verified badge ( if you can confirm you are the person the account claims to be ) and if you can’t then just get a unique symbol next to your @. Just thought this would be a cool idea. What do you think about this?


Verified points aside, as that is mostly a different topic you can discuss here, I think it’s an interesting idea. My only question is do we actually need a feature like that? Most vines are about the sound, not the caption, so it would be really difficult to translate the video sound and would make the caption translation almost negligible aka. I don’t see the importance. But if you feel differently please explain :sweat_smile:

This would be to help not only the captions, which is not a big part of the vine but, the actual website’s Terms of use, privacy policy, 404 error page, help page, and non-customizable pages that are used for support or teaching a new user how to join. As well as the app when setting up your account. Also, it would be nice for people to have the website translated into their local language. I’m sure the app will be available in country’s such as Mexico or Europe so the translation center could help translate the site and application into their local languages. But I don’t know, just thought this was a good idea and I would for sure help translate the site into spanish.