V2 Timeline

As with Vine, I expect v2 to be the birthplace of many new culture-changing memes and jokes. It would be a cool idea if the staff at v2 kept track of what is going viral at certain points in time and made a timeline (or something else) to show what was popular during a certain month or year.

Vine did this during the end of it’s run. They made playlists covering certain memes/challenges that happened on the app. It would be cool if v2 did this from the beginning so we can see how much the app evolves.


I like that idea a lot

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Yesss!! At the end of the month release a minute long video that has the best trends

Yes! And at the end of a year there would be a montage of all the best/most watched or revined videos!

Sounds good, it like the best artist on the week/month, Right?

I will be a great oportuny to be successful on the app

I think that the thing that have instagram, the stories on your city, that brings together in a story all that there was that day in your city. In this case the best in a month or a week

There should be a mute button or “not interested”

I’m confused about this. Why should there be a mute button?

That would be nice

Seems like a good idea. Looking forward to this feature, if it ever gets implemented.

It´ll really bring people together! ^u^